Faithworks Films is a special division of US Filmworks that focuses solely on providing your church or faith-based organization with compelling and quality video productions to help assist you with all of your video production needs – no matter the size or scale.

But if your video project is wider in scope, the team at US Filmworks can assist with any number of video applications:

· Commercials
· Website Videos
· Instructional Videos
· Training Videos
· Safety Videos
· Commercial Documentaries
· Infomercials
· Sales Videos
· Trade Show Sales Videos
· Business Anniversary Videos
· Corporate Videos
· Marketing Videos
· Legal & Forensic Video Recording
· Special Events Recording
· Family Documentaries

US Filmworks is a client-oriented company.  We collaborate with companies and organizations of al sizes to create video productions that effectively communicate key messages within groups, tradeshow and marketing productions that grow brand awareness, and interactive media that provides powerful communication tools to educate, train and market products and services.

With quality being our main focus, each video project begins with a detailed information session headed up by our team with the key members of an organization. This “fact-finding” session will help us develop the most effective video message, while at the same time help us to identify the perfect communication platform and media outlets for each project.

Listening is key.  But full comprehension of the project is the goal so we strive to leave no stone unturned so that from the time pre-production, writing, and storyboards are created everyone will be working toward the ultimate goal of creating a quality video production that accurately and effectively captures the primary message to reach the intended audience and achieve the intended goals in the most efficient way.

With a strong balance of technical knowledge and experience, creativity and management skills, the team at US Filmworks will focus on the objectives of your video project to provide the most effective finished project.

Whether you’re utilizing video production now or you never have, we can help.  With videos, you can easily reach a larger audience and expose more potential customers, supporters, or sponsors to your message. It’s almost become an everyday event for a video on YouTube to reach hundreds of thousands if not millions of viewers. Imagine that power working for you! More people look at their Facebook page in the morning before getting out of bed – your page can be enhanced with videos of all kinds. Plus, now videos are accessible on most mobile phones — putting your message not only in the hand of your customers, but in their hands wherever they are!

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